Ohio Wines 101

From Vine to Wine

Red wines, white wines, rosés, and hard ciders—our family-run winery in beautiful Bryan, Ohio produces varieties grown in the heartland. Here’s a quick history of the types of grapes and wines produced at our estate. 

The majority of grapes grown in our 13-acre vineyard are in a class known as French-American hybrids. Bred out of the Universities of Minnesota and Cornell, they are cold hardy varietals, specifically sustainable to Ohio’s harsh winter elements resulting in a bountiful harvest for premium wines.

These varietals deserve to be discovered as the Great Varietals of the Midwest, as they suffer prejudice to some of the other world-famous wines. Stoney Ridge has found that many French-American hybrid varieties blend together to complement each other’s qualities. Like a musician, some are great in a band, and some are best as a solo artist.

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From sweet and semi-sweet white and red wines to full body and dry blends, Stoney Ridge produces grapes and wines for all taste buds. Get to know our grape varietals.

White Wine

White Grapes

Brianna: With tropical flavors of pineapple, mango, or banana, the Brianna grape makes
for a delightful blender producing a delicate semi-sweet wine.

LaCrescent: This grower-friendly varietal is used to produce off-dry to sweet wines. With many similarities of a Muscat or Seyval (both actually part of its heritage) this wine features apricot, peach, or citrus aromas.

LaCrosse: A winemaker’s grape, and a well suited blender to lighter wines for a body and mouth-feel of a Riesling. Bringing a soft touch of apple, citrus and pear to the palette.

Prairie Star: Neutrally balanced and crisp with a good acidity. This Sauvignon Blanc-inspired grape takes well to a light oak for a clean and full body wine.

Itasca: Aromatics of melon, pear and honey, and well suited for making dry or sparkling wines. This is the newest of the cold-hardy varieties just introduced in 2017. Itasca has characteristics of a Pinot Gris with delicate mineral overtones.

Red Wine

Red Grapes

DeChaunac: Originally developed in 1860, this older but respected wine is very inky in color with a surprising medium body. A maintainable blender that takes well to oak-aging with flavor characteristics of cherry, blackberry, and plum.

Frontenac: A very popular varietal, and our Midwest merlot. Garnet in color with intense cherry, plum, and sometimes chocolate aromas. Our typical use for this very versatile grape is a stand-alone, blender, or rosé.

Marquette: Comparable to pinot noir, this newcomer varietal to the Midwest, introduced in 2006, sets a new standard in growing and quality attributes. Stunning ruby color and complex flavors of black currant, cherry, spice, and black pepper.

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Why We Love Ohio Wine

Ohio might not be the first place you think of when you hear the word wine, but it should be. Ohio-made wine is special, and here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Priced Just Right: You don’t have to spend a small fortune to experience great wine. Stoney Ridge wines are friendly toward your wallet, and taste just as refined as products you’d purchase from anywhere else.
  • Easy To Understand: Wine culture can vary based on our visitors’ experiences and backgrounds. At Stoney Ridge, we’ll take you on a wine journey that matches your comfort level. Want to know all about wine? You have access to our experts. Just want to relax and enjoy a glass? We make great recommendations for your preferences.
  • Estate-Grown Quality: Ohio wine selections at Stoney Ridge are made from the grapes grown on the premises in our vineyard. This allows us full transparency and quality control of our varieties.